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Jenna King, Emma Miller, Boise, Real Estate, Realtor, King + Co Real Estate

Meet Emma

Emma helps with all aspects of my real estate business. She helps with our listing and client communication, marketing, and behind the scenes with office items. She also loves meeting with buyer clients to show them houses. If you're a client of ours, chances are you'll meet Emma at some point along the way. 

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Her Story

  • Emma is one of those rare Idaho natives. She's from Sandpoint, Idaho up North and has lived in Boise since 2009 when she moved here to complete her degree at Boise State. 

  • She is a long-term SE Boise resident and looks forward to her daily walks to visit the ducks in her neighborhood pond. I know we're not supposed to say what part of town is our favorite, but Emma has a hard time keeping it a secret that she loves SE Boise. 

  • Emma's is a self described Bravoholic (if you know, you know). Her favorite shows are the original Real Housewives of New York, Project Runway, Summer House, and as of late she's been diving into Below Deck. She promises she has depth to her and you shouldn't judge her tv show preferences. 

  • Emma's favorite place to visit is NYC. She loves to go every few years to walk around the different neighborhoods, view the architecture, and eat at all the local favorites. She's always dreaming of when she can go next. 


We're always looking to talk the current real estate market. Let's connect.


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