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There are numerous reasons to love Boise. In the winter, one of the top reasons is Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area and Ski Resort. Residents can load up their favorite winter toys and be surrounded by fresh powder in less than an hour!

History of Bogus Basin

The name Bogus Basin likely refers back to the 19th-century gold rush when local con men would create fake gold dust. It was not until 1942 when Bogus Basin opened to the public as a ski destination. What began as a 500-foot rope tow has now transformed into seven chairlifts and four magic carpets. The ski resort is operated by the Bogus Basin Recreation Association, a nonprofit that leases the 2,600 acres.

Winter Activities at Bogus Basin

Alpine skiing and snowboarding are readily available thanks to Bogus Basin’s numerous ski lifts. For those who want an experience that allows for more interaction with nature, nordic skiing is a great option. Rather than utilizing a ski lift to glide down, nordic skiing is more like hiking with the individual lifting the skis to move forward.

Bogus Basin is much more than skiing. Take advantage of Tubing Hill for an activity that the entire family can enjoy. Ride the conveyor belt to the top of the hill before sliding down the 800 feet. Or perhaps you would rather traverse the beautiful scenery on snowshoes.

Glade Runner Mountain Coaster

If you would rather have a thrill in the form of a roller coaster, you are in the right place. Bogus Basin has Idaho’s only mountain coaster. The Glade Runner is more than 4,000 feet of twisty fun that is controlled completely by you! The driver can push the handles completely forward to go as fast as possible or pull back to slow down and take in the view. The Glade Runner is available in both Summer and Winter.

Summer Activities at Bogus Basin

The fun does not stop when the temperatures rise. Bogus Basin has summer activities!

Perhaps you would like to try your hand at mining for gold, just like the original visitors to Bogus Basin. The Shafer Butte Mining Company has a fun spin on the mountain’s history with visitors searching for fossils, gems, and arrowheads.

Mountain biking is one of the most popular recreational activities in Idaho and Bogus Basin is a great destination for it. You can even ride a ski lift up to test your skills at downhill mountain biking.

Take the whole family for a day full of adventure. Visitors can enjoy summer tubing, hiking, scenic chairlift rides, disc golf, horseback riding, trampoline bungee, and a climbing wall. The day pass provides access to the Glade Runner, chairlift, and summer tubing.

Learn at Bogus Basin

If you are hoping to conquer Bogus Basin with one of the many activities offered but either do not have the skills or the equipment—do not worry. Bogus Basin offers rentals of all types of equipment. You can also book a lesson in alpine or nordic skiing, or join the Mountain Biking 101 class.

If you ever have any questions about the ever-changing marketplace or know someone looking to buy or sell, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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