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Best places for brunch in Boise

It’s cold outside which makes going out for brunch to warm up with fancy coffees and nice mimosas with friends and family. And as Boise grows … so does the number of brunch places popping up in the Treasure Valley. 

Blue Bench Brunchette/Huck House Brunchette

The same people own these brunch places and they are absolutely Instagram-worthy. The food is also delicious! With a selection of fancy coffees, mimosa flights, trees and “keg-mosas,” you can’t go wrong with having a nice brunch here. 

The brunchettes work with local farmers and specialty vendors to create one of the better brunch places in the area. It’s highly recommended to make a reservation because this place gets packed quickly during typical brunch hours! 


If you’re looking for more of a traditional brunch fare, look no further than Bardenay. With a couple of locations in the Treasure Valley, including the Boise Airport, and one up in Coeur d’Alene, you have a few locations to choose from. 

Brunch selections include salmon eggs benedict, steak and potatoes and the special Bardenay Breakfast. They also have a variety of champagne cocktails and bloody marys to make anyone happy. 


This downtown Boise brunch place focuses on the food mentioned in the restaurant's name. BACON has something for everyone on their daily menu, but you have to try the bacon shots and the bacon cinnamon rolls. 

If you’re not wanting to eat at the restaurant, you can get your food to go. And if you no longer live in the Boise area, their bacon ships nationwide. 


Trillium is the place to go if you’re wanting a more upscale, but still approachable, brunch experience. Located inside the Grove Hotel, this brunch place has modern American food made with local ingredients. 

If you’re staying at The Grove, you can order room service from Trillium or make a reservation on their website to eat in the restaurant. Highlights of the breakfast menu include smoked chicken chilaquiles, almond-crusted french toast and steak and potato pancakes. 

Saint Lawrence Gridiron

You’ll probably find one of Boise’s more unique brunches at Saint Lawrence Gridiron. Brunch is offered from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., on the weekends, and you can book a reservation or order online. If you’ve eaten at Saint Lawrence Gridiron before, you know you can expect really good barbecued meats. 

The brunch menu includes these with typical brunch fare, like brisket benedict and morning-time tacos with a choice of pulled pork or succotash. You can also get a carafe of mimosa to share … or not.

Are any of these brunch places striking your fancy? Let us know in the comments or give us a shout on Instagram

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