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Granite countertops, hardwood floors, expansive windows… there are some details of a house that buyers know they want. But have you considered the gutters that you want and need on a new home? Not only do gutters protect your home, but gutters can add to a home’s curb appeal. A knowledgeable Realtor can help you determine the type of gutters necessary for your home.

What is a Gutter?

Gutters are typically made from aluminum or vinyl, though some homeowners invest in steel, zinc, steel, or copper. Gutters route roof water runoff away from your home, keeping basements and crawlspaces dry and protecting the house’s siding.

There are four parts to a gutter:

  • The gutter itself that catches rainwater

  • Downspouts that carry the water down and away

  • Elbows that change the direction of the downspout

  • Brackets that attach the system to the home

How to Choose a Gutter

The main types of gutter materials are:

  • Aluminum is the most common choice for homeowners as it is rustproof and lightweight. It comes in a variety of colors that allows you to match the gutter to your home’s exterior paint. If you want to install the gutters yourself, then aluminum is the best option.

  • Seamless aluminum gutters are created on-site by gutter exports to fit your home. The purpose of these gutters is to have fewer seams, which results in fewer leaks. Seamless aluminum gutters are best installed by professionals and are a larger investment than regular aluminum gutters.

  • Vinyl is another material for those who want to do-it-themselves. This gutter material is a good option for most budgets and comes in different colors.

  • Copper and Zinc are typically found on historical or luxury homes. This beautiful material won’t mold, mildew or rust, but is expensive. Both materials should be installed by professionals and require welding. Copper maintains its reddish hue, while zinc is a matte gray.

  • Steel comes in three different varieties: galvanized steel, stainless steel or Galvalume. This long-lasting material is available in many colors, but it is heavy and difficult to install.

Gutter Accessories

People new to the Treasure Valley are often confused by the rain chains that they see hanging on the sides of homes. These chains are an eye-catching replacement for downspouts and are best for homes with deep overhangs.

Gutter guards are a mesh screen or aluminum hood that stops leaves and other debris from collecting in the gutter. The most popular type of gutter guard is LeafGuard.

Want to know more about gutters or home maintenance? I would love to use my expertise to answer your questions. If you ever have any questions about the ever-changing marketplace or know someone looking to buy or sell, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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