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That is the way the cookie crumbles—if you live in the Treasure Valley and are craving a delicious gourmet cookie, that is. Over the past few years, more and more local bakeries have tried their hand at creating unique, delicious cookies for patrons. Now even national chains have joined the many offerings in Boise. No matter what kind of cookie you are craving, we have compiled a list of all the best bakeries to order from here in the City of Trees.

Smitten Sweets

Support local Boiseans by shopping at Smitten Sweets. Owners Caleb and Laura Smith started the business as a way to support their growing family. Several businesses utilize Smitten Sweets as a form of customer appreciation, while loyal fans have the boxes of sweet treats dropped at their front door. Smitten Sweets offers other items, including at-home cookie mix, greeting cards, and gift baskets.

True Joy Cookie

The name may be True Joy Cookie, but this local bakery serves up more than your average cookie! Renee, owner and cookie extraordinaire, loves to experiment with flavors and fillings. The Savage Cookie is one of the baker’s most popular options. It features a vanilla and chocolate brown butter swirl dough, Oreo and salted caramel filling, and is topped with sea salt. True Joy Cookie also has treats and variety boxes to order, and cookie pies to celebrate any occasion.

Wildflour Bakery

Wildflour Bakery has its own brick and mortar store in Garden City, but you can also find its delicious cookies in both Boise Co-ops, Winco Foods on Myrtle and in Eagle, as well as Whole Foods Market in Boise. Best known for its salted chocolate chip cookies, Wildflour also has gluten-free options and sells cookies in four or eight packs. There are other baked goods for sale.

Bakety Bake

Bakety Bake is one of the many options available for those moments when you need a personalized sugar cookie. What sets Bakety Bake apart from the competition is the Royal Batch Premium Meringue Powder that owner Kourtney has perfected. The royal icing not only holds amazing designs, but it tastes delicious—and can be purchased by anyone! If you want a personalized creation, then make sure to place an order at least two weeks in advance.

Nationwide Brands

Chip Cookies is the original gourmet delivery service in the Treasure Valley. Chip was started thanks to a pregnancy craving. The owners, Sarah and Sean, realized there was a need for a place to deliver warm, delicious cookies whenever you needed them. Now, Chip has multiple locations around the country, including in downtown Boise and The Village in Meridian. Chip’s menu is constantly changing but you will always be able to order the OG—chocolate chip.

If nothing on the Chip menu peaks your interest, then check out Crumbl or Twisted Sugar. Both nationwide businesses have extensive, rotating menus. At Twisted Sugar, you will find more than just cookies. The franchise on Fairview sells flavored sodas, ice cream sandwiches, and twisters (ice cream smoothies).

We hope you find at least one cookie place that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

If you ever have any questions about the ever-changing marketplace or know someone looking to buy or sell, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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