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Star, Idaho is a growing city in Ada County and was named in the 19th century by travelers on their way to Middleton and Boise who use the star on the schoolhouse to find East and West. For a small town, there are a lot of things to do in and around the area, including skydiving and wine tours!

One of the top things to check out in Star is the Star Riverwalk Park. The Boise River continues out to Star but the riverbanks are undeveloped, walking by the river feels a little more natural compared to walking on the Greenbelt in Boise. The city owns two parcels of land to allow for public access to the riverside, and you can see wildlife like great blue herons and bald eagles.

If you have ever wanted to jump out of an airplane … you can do so in Star. DZone Skydiving allows you to parachute to the ground, safely attached to an instructor and not much preparation other than a short safety briefing. Eagle Island State Park, located five miles East of Star, is also a great recreation area if jumping out of a plane is not your speed. The park offers a swimming beach, zip lines, disc golf and over five miles of trails for hiking and horseback rides. You can also rent a paddleboard for a trip down the Boise River.

On the theme of outdoor recreation, Star has a sports park that has a variety of amenities and a venue for outdoor events. The Hunter’s Creek Sports Complex has fields for youth and adults baseball, soccer and football, as well as the Tom Erlebach Skatepark and picnic areas. The skatepark, named after a former city council member, had a dream to build a park after taking his son and friends to other cities for skateparks. It features obstacles for skaters and scooters of all ages and skill levels. The complex is also the location of the annual Hometown Celebration Fireworks Show.

Star is also home to Dude DeWalt Cellars, a younger winery which opened 2011. The winery is named after Clarence “Dude” DeWalt, who worked as a sheep foreman in the early 1930s. Sol Invictus is also located in the foothills northwest of Star. It produces a variety of wines, including Malbec, Syrah and Riesling, plus other red blends. At this winery, you can see for miles from the patio and enjoy something delicious from the barbecue.

Will you be checking out some of these places in Star? Let us know in the comments!

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