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Have you ever dreamed of selling all your possessions and moving into a tiny house? Before you list your sofa on Craigslist, there are several tiny homes you can rent right here in Boise through Airbnb. See if you have what it takes for the tiny life, or just enjoy an affordable staycation in the City of Trees! Tiny houses are also a great way to experience the different areas of the Treasure Valley if you are considering moving here.

This home is not your typical tiny house. Located in Boise’s gorgeous Central Rim neighborhood, this charming home is only 300 square feet but the natural light makes it feel even larger. You will not need to climb a ladder to your bed, this is a single-level tiny home. There is even a private garden to enjoy outside!

If you are a Bronco fan, then you will want to check out the Sweet Pea Tiny Home nestled less than four blocks from the Blue Turf. Originally built in 1920, the home has been completely remodeled while retaining some of its original charm. Dogs are allowed if approved by the owner.

You can live large outside of Chateau Ivan thanks to the tiny house’s outdoor accommodations of hammocks, games, BBQ, fire pit, and bikes. Or, if you would rather stay in, then fire up the projector to enjoy one of your favorite flicks. The Southeast Boise home was largely built by the owner using reclaimed material.

Container homes are a unique option when considering building a home. But would you enjoy living in one? Stay the night in a container home to decide for yourself! Located near the Greenbelt and Whitewater Park, you will have plenty of places to explore during your stay. This is one of the larger tiny home options, with a Queen-sized bed in the private bedroom and a sleeper sofa that turns into a full-sized bed in the living room.

Get a taste of farm life while enjoying this tiny home in Southwest Boise. The 24-foot house is located on a 9-acre farm that is home to chickens, goats, and pigs. This house provides two Queen-sized beds, with one accessible by ladder and the other on the ground floor.

Live it up at the lake when staying at this Eagle-based tiny home. You will forget you are in the Treasure Valley when visiting the Dockhouse at Lake Rivendell. This is a smaller space with a kitchenette, so do not book if you are hoping to cook elaborate meals. The roof of the tiny house is a launch point for a zip line and a deck for everyone to enjoy, offering a fun, but louder, experience.

Whether or not you decide tiny home living is for you, I am happy to help with the house hunt! And if you are still undecided about what part of the Treasure Valley is best for your needs, please let me know.

If you ever have any questions about the ever-changing marketplace or know someone looking to buy or sell, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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