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Boise businesses are beginning to feel the brunt of the shelter-in-place order from Governor Little due to the Coronavirus. There are some very easy ways that we can continue to support local business owners during this time so they can keep their doors open and the economy strong. If you’re unable to contribute financially, then writing a five-star review or following a business on social media are great ways to show support!

Order Food

You’re probably a little tired of cooking at home anyway, so why not order your next meal from a local restaurant? It can be something as simple as picking up a delicious drink at your locally owned coffee shop or ordering a multiple course meal for the entire family. You can view a list of restaurants offering takeout, delivery, and curbside pickup in Boise. If you can, consider tipping as you would if you were dining in the restaurant!

Shop Local

A lot of local businesses have adapted to the current situation and are now offering purchasing opportunities online and even through social media. Boise Vintage is just one business that is selling items through their Instagram stories and offering local delivery for free.

You want to ensure that anything you purchase is fully sanitized before you bring it into your home, but this is a great way to support a local business while also completing those home projects you’ve been meaning to tackle.

Or maybe you’re looking for entertainment options. Whether it’s puzzles or books, then Rediscovered Books is offering delivery. These are just a few examples—check out your favorite local businesses to see what services they are offering during this time!

Buy Gift Cards

It’s not like you can get a curbside haircut (unfortunately), but you can purchase a gift card to support your local salon until the doors open again. Gift cards are a great way to provide money to a local business when they need it the most that you can use later. Purchase gift cards to your favorite stores, restaurants, even movie theaters, to help them stay in the black during this tough time. You know you’ll be returning again one day!

Say Thanks

Perhaps the most important thing you can do for local businesses during this time is to say thank you. Boise business owners are scrambling to protect their employees and customers, while finding new ways to serve the community. Say thank you to those who are working in the grocery stores, the gas stations, the hardware stores, and all the other businesses that continue to proceed as normal so the community can have access to essential services.

Boise is an incredibly supportive community. I know that if we continue to work together and support one another, then we can make it through this. If you need anything during this time, someone to talk to or help finding resources, please let me know!

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