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It might be time to change the name of my favorite town from Boise to Brewery with how many amazing local breweries are crafting delicious drinks in the Treasure Valley.

There are numerous Garden City wineries, but if you prefer a brewski to vino, then this list has you covered.

Bear Island Brewery

Bear Island Brewery is a family- and veteran-owned business that loves using local ingredients whenever possible like Red Chair Lavender, Wagner farms pumpkins, and Idaho barley.

Why Bear Island? The name is a family tradition, passed down from when the Westover’s were building a cabin in Cascade and calmed their children’s fears of bears by saying that when Cascade Reservoir freezes over in the winter, all of the bears hibernate on the island in the middle. When spring arrives and the lake thaws, the bears are stuck on the “Bear Island.”

Bear Island recently opened a taproom off of Fairview Avenue on Liberty Street. Swing on by and say hi to the family while sipping a cold beer.

Edge Brewing Company

At Edge Brewing Company, you can pair a tasty beer with amazing bites served up at one of the two pub locations. Sure, salad is on the menu, but you might want to sink your teeth into the Over the Edge Burger which was featured on an episode of Food Network’s “Man vs. Food.”

Edge Brewing has been a Boise staple since it opened its doors in 2014. It’s exciting to see the brewery continue to expand with the opening of its second pub location in downtown Boise.

If you’re a homebrewer, then you’ll want to check out the 2nd Annual Hombrew Pro/Am. This year, the Edge-hosted competition is searching for a homebrewer who can craft an award-winning spring ale.

Loose Screw Brewing

You may have known it as Bella Brewing, but the business recently underwent a name change to Loose Screw Beer Co. under new owners Bethany and Chris Hughes. If you were a fan of Bella’s brews, don’t worry. Bella’s head brewer stayed on and is now part-owner of Loose Screw so you can expect the same quality pours.

The brewery has big plans for the future, including an expansion to Meridian. You can also expect nine new beers to be offered on tap. Stop in to welcome the new owners at the Loose Screw’s taproom on Chinden Boulevard. You can sample the first beers to be released: Screw You Amber!, Wreckin’ Wolly, and Huey Hog.

Boise Brewing

Always wanted to own your own brewery? You can own a piece of Boise Brewing! This downtown brewery started thanks to a Kickstarter campaign but continues to be community-owned. You can proudly own a piece of Boise Brewing by investing a minimum of $1,000 that will go to improving and supporting the brewery.

Or you can support the local brewery in the usual way—by sipping a cold one on Boise Brewing’s outdoor patio. The best part is that the taproom’s location in the heart of downtown makes it the perfect place to either begin or end your night while enjoying all that the area offers.

Crooked Fence

Crooked Fence’s Garden City taproom is a great spot to gather with friends or coworkers after a long day. The spacious venue offers plenty of seating and serves up snacks, cider, and, of course, delicious beer.

If you always wanted to find a place where everyone knows your name, consider joining the Crooked Fence Mug Club. You’ll find yourself getting comfortable at Crooked Fence’s taproom thanks to the benefits of an extra 4-ounce pour for regular price and admittance to Mug Club only events, along with freebies!

These are just a few of the local breweries you’ll find around Boise. Did I miss your favorite one? Let me know in the comments below!

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